St Francis Xavier Primary School


5 Maitland Street
​Geraldton 6530
PO Box 131
(08) 9923 5800

Parents & Friends

The objective of the Association is the promotion of the interests of St Francis Xavier Primary School, Geraldton and of the children attending the school.


  • To act as liaison between the wider community, and the governing bodies of the school.
  • To further the growth and development of parental involvement through a range of social, school and parish activities.
  • To organise guest speakers for the association on current and suggested educational programmes, faith development and other matters of interest.
  • To raise funds for the further development of the educational, social and spiritual growth of St Francis Xavier school children.


  • Use our funds to support the educational, religious and social aims of the school.
  • Recognise and encourage the support given by parents to our school community.


The Parish Priest and all members of the teaching staff of the school shall be ex-officio members of the Association. Parents or guardians of a child attending the school or enrolled at the school, or any person interested in the objectives and aims of the Association are members.

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All members as per the above criteria are most welcome to attend any meeting.

When: 3rd Tuesday of each month during the normal school year
Where: School Library
Time: 7.00pm

P & F Minutes

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